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Eminence Cut - The full recliner seat audi

You are fond of watching movies at cinema halls, but couldn’t manage to go every time due to the un-comfortable seating plans? You make a plan and right after the moment cancel it just because you didn’t want to miss your comfort. If it is so, then you should make a visit to us at US Cinemas. We are comparatively different from others
Now you must be thinking, how? Well, the best thing about us at US Cinemas is – we have featured ourselves with a range of full recliner seats. Yes, we care about our audience and this is what you’ll get to see when you visit us for once. Customer’s comfort is something that matters us to the most and we do everything to achieve the same. Our best in class recliner seats allows people to comfortably sit back and relax and enjoy a movie in their own comfort zone. These seats are specially designed to provide comfort to every age group. So if there is anyone who is afraid to go at cinema hall due to the backache problem, bring him/her along with you! We are an ideal place for them.

The Attraction

Europa - the rocker seat audi

Hold your grip tightly to your seat... it’s a place where you’ll enjoy a never forgetting experience! We have introduced our finest multiplex in Ghaziabad, which is fully equipped with weather and shaking seats to stimulate the movie-watching experience you’re experiencing on the screen. Yes, we have a wide range of rocker seats with 26” width (in size), to provide relief to our audience.

US Cinemas is a place where people can enjoy the most. We are not just a cinema hall, but something more of it. We are the hottest destination where people can spend the quality time and get the most out of it. We are offering them a kind of experience they’ll not be able to forget in their entire life. And to provide the same, our best in quality rocker seats are there! These seats are not like any other ordinary seat at your home, instead something more and special. You’ll feel the difference the time you grab your grip on it. These are especially made to offer you the utmost comfort.

The Attraction

Situated in Eros Marketplace

Location is something that is considered as a major concern for everyone who is planning to go out. If the place is centrally located in the heart of city, it is easy to access for everyone and people of all ages can easily reach the place through public transportation or their own vehicle. Keeping this in mind, we at US Cinemas have made our presence in the marketplace of Ghaziabad.

Being located in the Eros marketplace – a place that requires no introduction and is considered as the fastest developing market of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, we at US Cinemas want our audience to get the most out of their valuable time. We don’t want them to waste their precious time by looking here and there to make a booking. Every single minute is important and when it is about to catch the movie on time, no one can even think of skipping a single scene. So, if you are fond of movies and love to watch them right from the inception, US Cinemas is the place for you. What are you thinking now? It’s the time to reserve your seats!

The Attraction

5 Star Lobby

Let’s say you are planning to go on a trip. You have packed your bag and are ready to leave for the desired place. Suddenly, you get to know that the driver who was about to come to take on the spot, felt ill. How you would feel at that time? Obviously, your mood will get spoiled and it will leave you dishearten, right?

This is exactly the same we feel when our audience didn’t feel satisfied the time they leave our cinema hall. And this is the major reason why we want everything to be perfect. At US Cinemas, we have designed a 5 star lobby for the sake of our audience. We want them to feel like a celebrity right from the moment they choose to visit us to spend some quality time. Our 5 star lobby is equipped with great ambience that it doesn’t allows people to take their eyes off even for a single minute and leave them with a WOW factor. We provide a kind of ambience you’ll never get to anywhere in Ghaziabad. Yes, it’s true!

Don’t believe us? Make a visit at US Cinemas and you’ll be amazed to see everything!

The Attraction

Best projections in North India

Somethings are just meant to be awesome. How great it would be if an ice-cream parlour serves you an ice-cream with a cherry on the top? Your mood will completely change, and you will surely want to re-visit the same parlour again and again, right? This is exactly what we want our customers to experience i.e.; to re-visit us every time they are out to watch a new movie.

Yes, we have the best projection screens in north India and we pride ourselves to say the same! At US Cinemas, we take care of everything and strive hard to provide the best of our services. We want our audience to enjoy the most and for the same, we have installed the best audio systems in eminence cut which can’t be found anywhere in north India. We have the best projection lamps with best brightness and quality. Our professional staff’s takes care of everything and do their best to surprise them.

The Attraction

Fresh and on the spot cafeteria prepration

You have a marriage invitation card in your hand and you’re excited to make your presence there. Have you ever thought why such kinds of functions attract you the most? What is there that makes you reach on time? You’ll get only one answer – the tasty and delicious food and other varieties. Yes, food is something that lures every age of people, be it a little child, a man, a woman or an old parent!

People have a special love for food and if the food the getting prepared right at the moment, nothing could be better than this. Congratulations, US Cinemas take care of everything, right from the seating arrangement to the fresh food. With us, you will get only those eatables that are prepared live. Yes, everything is fresh and hygienic here! So, you don’t have to worry about your health. We want to serve the highest quality of food to our audience.